Chichen Itza + Izamal

  • Chichen Itza + Izamal + Cenote
  • About 12 hours.
  • Archaeology, history, culture.

We’ll head to Chichen Itza first, to get there really early before the big crowds and have the place virtually to ourselves.

Chichen Itza is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, it’s probably the most famous Mayan city and its architecture is very different from any of the rest. In Chichen Itza you can see the biggest ancient ball court in the American continent. It is a city that amazes its visitors due to its light and acoustic phenomena. The last of the big and important Mayan cities it boasts many temples and is known as The Sacred City of the Water Sorcerers. The Temple of Kukulkan is known because of its light phenomena on equinoxes. It is a city where you will experience the greatness of the Mayan civilization.

We’ll tour Chichen Itza while giving you all the details of it’s history and it’s buildings.

After Chichen Itza, we’ll go to a cenote where we’ll cool off for a bit swimming in it’s crystal clear water and enjoying a time out. After swimming for a bit we’ll be hungry and ready for lunch so we’ll go have a typical Mayan meal at a lovely restaurant nearby with several options for dishes.

Once we have eaten we’ll drive to Izamal, a lovely little town with a lot of history.

Known as “The Yellow City” because of the color of most of it’s buildings, Izamal is an important archaeological site of the ancient Maya civilization. There are 5 huge Mayan structures easily visible and we will be able to climb one of the tallest temples in the Yucatan peninsula, the temple of Kinich Kak Mo of the Mayan Sun God.

The city was ravaged by the Spanish during their conquest, but some of these temples where so big that they couldn’t destroy them, so they built churches on top some of them. Thousands of ancient structures have been detected in and around the city.

After a tour of the town, we will visit the local market, full of colors and tradition. We will end our stay at Izamal with a ride in a horse carriage through the central square.

Come join us in this incredible tour through history and witness the grandeur of the Maya civilization while listening to it’s history from your expert private guide and end the day with a ride through the lovely town of Izamal while experiencing the tastes and smells of the still living Mayan traditions.


This tour can be taken any day of the week.


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