Sian Kaan Biosphere Float

  • Muyil + Sian Kaan Biosphere + Cenote
  • About 8 hours.
  • Archaeology, boat ride, snorkeling, swimming.

Our tour starts at the Mayan site of Muyil, the most important site of about 20 that have been discovered in the Sian Ka’an biosphere, it is a beautiful Mayan city surrounded by the lush jungles.

One of the oldest inhabited cities in the Mayan Riviera, there are artifacts at Muyil that have been dated to be over 2,300 years old. It was an important site dedicated to commerce and trade. A guided tour of Muyil will tell you all about the history of what was a busy and important town for the Mayans of the region.

Steep walled pyramids like those in Tikal, Muyil offers a unique perspective into a particular style of Maya architecture. Muyil is an excellent choice for those looking to know and admire the vast ecosystems of the region with a great diversity of flora and fauna.

Inside the Sian Kaan Biosphere (a UNESCO World Heritage site) we will hike a path through the jungle and mangrove swamps to reach a beautiful lagoon where a speedboat will be waiting for us. The speedboat ride will take us through the many ancient Mayan water channels where we will swim with the relaxing currents.

You will experience many of the local fauna, particularly birds and enjoy the incredible sights and sounds of the raw Mayan jungles.

An unforgettable experience inside our beautiful planet, this last stop has something for everyone in the family and is a great way to cool off during our tour.

Our last stop, after lunch, is Gran Cenote. A swim in one of nature’s underground caves with crystal clear water.


This tour can be taken any day of the week.


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